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Alexis Claire Fit Training

ALEXISCLAIREFIT Intermediate Gym Program

ALEXISCLAIREFIT Intermediate Gym Program

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ALEXISCLAIREFIT Intermediate Gym Program


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Welcome to my intermediate 8 week gym program!

This program was designed for those who have at least 6 months of lifting experience. You will be challenged weekly, gain muscle and strength, and end the 8 weeks feeling like your fittest self!

This program will utilize bodybuilding and powerlifting style training to help you gain strength and muscle. I will have you doing squats, deadlifts, and bench press, along with accessory movements utilizing machines that should be available at your gym. 

Also, this guide will have links attached to all the movements. Not sure what something is? Click on it, and a YouTube video of me performing the movement will open up!

This guide is easy to follow, straightforward, and gets more difficult as the weeks progress.


*If you have trouble opening the download link, please send me an email at

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